UN55B8000 SAMSUNG - Toller TV!, Unfortunately, a Weakness

Published: 07th April 2010
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Since I have based on my purchase decision and the basis of reviews on this site, I would now like to also briefly describe my experience with the device.

Anticipate one thing: I have been informed intense and operated quite a bit of research before I slammed on this TV. I must say that I was uncertain at that time already strong, because we find basically every device and every brand is a little negative on the internet - no TV seems to be really good. Here is a better black level, since a poorer viewing angle and input lag anyway is the very big issue right now. And the local store, every one says something different. My advice:

1st Watch live TV earlier in the business and indeed brought along with source unit (Blu Ray player or PS3 or Xbox or whatever). Then take the time and play around in the shop alone with the device ". Only then can you really form an opinion. Further: How good is the viewing angle of the TV is actually seen in the business because of the lighting is not - it seems there almost every angle perfectly.

2nd What one finds in Internet forums for TV, is to be treated with caution. It is important to differentiate between people who really have a technical problem with the device (which will happen from time to time - then it is but a defect and the TV is defective and is exchanged for sure), and those who simply absolute "Freaks "are and where every little notice - here, the truth often lies in the middle, ie it might be a bit of truth in it, but you have to look yourself, to what extent even this one "quirk" disturbs.

But now the TV itself:

1st Delivery by Amazon perfect. Wednesday shipped, delivered Saturday morning at 9 clock. Really great.

2nd The TV is well made. The illuminated remote control I find also very good. But the rear looks a bit cheap. The front, however I like better with their simplicity from day to day. Beautiful design.

3rd Normal TV picture, i.e. Playback of digital cable is ok to good. The TV scales the image is very good, it has also plastic, and especially very sharp. This makes the TV clearly better than my old Samsung PS50A556.

4th Sky HD or Blu Ray picture is of course outstanding. Very sharp, extremely high contrast and natural colors (green is just getting used to, but this is a typical LCD weakness). With fully turned up 100Hz technology, the picture looks almost three dimensional - many find this soap opera effect bad, I like that fact, I do not understand why many people buy a TV with a lot of technology, only to then turn off afterwards.

5th Now for the gamer: the input was not at all I feel, regardless of whether Game mode or standard mode, 100Hz whether on or off. I notice no difference. Had I not read on the Internet before it, then I would not even come up with this problem. So I'm constantly looking for it and waited. I play often, I own PS3 and XBox and play now and again online. The input lag was not noticed. It may be that a professional player who wants to win prizes online, these remarks during online play - I definitely noticed nothing. In my opinion, one of the internet on this issue simply crazy.

The only "problem" with set at a higher level of TV 100Hz technology tries to calm the image, that is virtually "hold fast". This results in Fifa 10 to that with fast camera panning (goal kicks and long passes) to the players around slightly brighter edge (Smearing in Fifa10? Can be found in various forums and on various TV's on the Internet a lot about it, sometimes the TV bad , now the blame game ...) is created. But only slightly, and who really do not like this, always 100 Hz can still download or issue, then everything is gone. I am a clear picture of important blurred not easy as these edges, is therefore switched 100Hz with me. In other games, I noticed, moreover, nothing of this kind. So full recommendation for gamers.

6th The black level of the TV is great, even better than my PS50A556 (plasma). There has thus done a lot of Samsung LCD models. The viewing angle is to be enjoyed only limited. On either side of 45 degrees from the central axis - then the picture is gray. This is a most on when the room is very dark, so the movie night. BUT: since I usually sit quietly in front of the TV and not running around the room so that you do not really affect it.

However, those who can not sit centered in front of the TV should rather resort to a plasma. But this is certainly valid for almost all LCD sets. During the day is a little restriction to the point of view. However, this is all typical LCD.

Therefore, overall I can recommend the unit full. The TV picks the last one out of every playback, be it TV, BluRay or playing in sharpness and contrast published and is fully usable for all applications. Who plays with the idea - buy! Input lag - forget it.

Addendum of 23/03/2010:

Unfortunately in recent days showed a weakness in my device, when I'm not sure if only my unit is malfunctioning or whether it is a general problem. As described above, I use when playing with PS3 and XBox360 is not the game mode to enjoy the function of the 100Hz TV and the associated - for me - better motion sharpness also at play can. Since last week shows, however, that the display in dark areas of the displayed objects or lines etc. at faster movement holds "and these moves too slowly, so that one perceives a sort of extreme uncertainty and a tightening, what bothers me personally.

Switching off the game mode is this phenomenon disappeared almost completely - but then the 100Hz TV will no longer apply and the picture once the motion blur, as I'm used to my old devices without 100Hz. Very sad, especially because the image is otherwise excellent. But maybe just my TV is not quite right.

Addendum of 24.03.:

I notice the phenomenon is now also one other TV of this type. Obviously, the TV is turned off in game mode with fast movements with it afterwards with the calculation. Thus showed in dark areas - important only in games, and only with fast camera panning (especially shooters, such as Killzone 2 there is an extreme example) and not in normal TV mode, such as Blu Ray or other - clear ghosting and the image looks like "captured".

A switch on the game mode does this effect disappear almost entirely, to the detriment of the motion sharpness, because 100Hz is turned off in game mode. Whether this phenomenon is a disturbing, however, is - like everything assess - very subjective. Overall, the TV, there is thus always a very good one. I would not deduct a star for that.

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