Playstation Controller 3 - Same As the Usual, and Yes, Angry About the Cord

Published: 13th April 2010
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I have always loved Playstation. I think the Playstation Controller 3 Dualshock fit in my hands well, and this one is no different. I like the added bit of weight; it feels a bit less cheap. However, they didn't seem to improve on the design at all. Now, i'm not an xbox person. I find that controller too big. But some things could be incorporated into the Playstation Controller 3 Dualshock.

After hours of play my thumbs tend to slip on the joysticks and it would be nice if the R2 and L2 had a concave surface like the xbox ones do. The one big thing I was shocked to find is the lack of a cord. Why must I go buy another cord when I'm buying a controller for $45?? Yes, I got one with the system.

Anyone who yelps about that obviously isn't the type of gamer I am. I find it silly that after a night of playing with my friends I must charge the Playstation Controller 3 one at a time off the system's included cord. I find my friends switching controllers with whoever is closest to the system so they can charge the battery on a controller while we play. What garbage! I went out and bought a cord to alleviate this problem. You don't see Microsoft making this mistake.

Perhaps that's why the PS3 is doing so poorly.

Playstation Controller 3 - PS3 Slim and Controller w/ MW2

It is ok, but not great for me.

1. experienced wireless connection got jammed all of sudden (blue tooth or WIFI?)

2. simple power off process without looking a TV. Drain battery power easily if not pay attention

3. experienced lower control buttons did not work properly all of surdden

4. PS3 slim was not good (basic functions)as I expected. HDMI connection is unstable.

*the Playstation Controller 3 Dualshock and SP3 slim are good, but still need to focus on basic functions. I tried to keep the controller and SP2 slim, but I returned all. Hoping Xbox360 elite system has solid basic functions.

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